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Himachal Pradesh Forest Department

Information Technology and GIS

Information Technology  and GIS (Geographic Information System) Wing of the Forest Department is mandated with the automation of the working of the Forest Department with a view to simplify and make it user friendly, improve democratic, government and business aspects of governance and  make the department easily accessible to the public.

Mission Statement

Information Technology Wing of the Forest Department is headed by an officer of the rank of Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and is mandated with the automation of the businesses and processes of the Forest Department with a view to simplify and make them user friendly, and improve democratic, government and business aspects of governance. Make the department easily accessible to the public.

Information Technology Wing aspires to:

  • Fully automate the existing semi-automated & manual information processes by developing application softwares
  • Maintaining the data base of the department at one place, under “H.P. Forest Management Information Systems” application in the portal, with facility to update the same at the field level.
  • Capture, use and analyse spatial data through GPS/ other hand held devices.
  • Digitise the maps and create location based monitoring systems.
  • Create web based work flows and create a portal for dissemination of information.
  • Establish identity & rights based access management and provide single sign in for accessing multiple applications.
  • Strengthening ICT (information and communications technology) infrastructure from PCCF to FG
Web/ Mobile Applications implemented in HPFD
                     1. Forest Vehicle Management System (VMS)
  • FVMS is designed to track the overall history of vehicles of the department which are attached with various field offices as well as with the Head quarter Offices.
  • The system allows the user to track the current status of each vehicle.
  • System generates different kinds of reports such as Vehicle type report, Circle/ Division/ Range wise vehicle report, etc.
Integrated Forest Management System (iFMS)

  • Integrated Forest Management System (iFMS) is an integrated web-based financial system for HPFD.
  • It is being implemented to enhance efficiency, transparency and speed of communication among the offices of the department, besides financial reporting requirements.
  • It consists of integrated modules for Annual Planning, Budget Allocation, Expenditure Reporting and Stock Accounting.
Forest Industries Management System (FIMS)
  • To renew/transfer the location/ownership of an existing Forest Industry, online in the FIMS Portal and to view/ monitor the overall status by the Department of all the forest based industries.
  • Also issues reminders automatically and even permits online cancellation of the defaulting saw mills, etc.
Forest Online Tree Felling Permission System (FOTFP)

  • This software has  specially been developed to facilitate the individual citizens/Government Departments, to get permission for felling of trees.
  • It also keeps and maintains the record of the various types of permissions granted in Govt. (Non-Forest) Land, Forest and Private Land and tracks the overall details of the felling permissions requested by citizens through web portal along with the exact status of the application from submission to approval.
Forest Online Tree Transit  Permission  System (FOTTP)
  • To accord online permission i.e. Transit Permit (Transit Pass) under the provisions of Transit Rules to the individuals/ agency, for transportation of timber/forest produce.
Monitoring of Forest Encroachment Eviction
System (MoFEES)

  • To monitor all the ongoing encroachment cases of HP Forest Department.
  • The encroachment cases can be monitored very efficiently and a data base is simultaneous created for future use- branch wise/ circle wise/ case wise/Court wise
Forest Online Recruitment Portal (FORP)
  • The site has been developed for the recruitment of Forest Guards in HP Forest Department.
  • The process has been successfully implemented during 2017-18 without any difficulty.
Forest Online Tour Diary  System (FOTDS)

  • The Application is meant for submission of Advance Tour Programme and online Tour Diary for the officials from ACF to APCCF to his controlling officer for submission and getting approval online.
  • It also maintains the data base of all the Tour Diaries of all the field functionaries of Forest Department on real time basis

New Web/ Mobile Initiatives in HPFD


  • Every year, state forest departments establish thousands of tree plantations all over the country mainly to improve tree cover and to contribute towards climate change mitigation efforts. There is no scientific guidance to forest field staff to support their plantation-site selection decisions.
  • This application will suggest the probable areas where survival rate for plants to grow will be high and where there is large area available for plantation.
  • This Application gives suggestion in form of (265*265) meter square grids. These grids are categorized in Highly Suitable, Moderately Suitable, Marginally Suitable and Unsuitable categories.
  • This applications allows the forest guard to add any new nursery in the application
  • This application suggests the species of plant that will have high success rate.
  • Recommendation will be able to highlight potential areas which needs attention and send alerts
  • Application takes feedback from the forest guards regarding the suggestion being made to them and collects images of different suitable and unsuitable areas of plantation. These data points will be further used to improve the algorithms to give better suggestions

Forest Offence Reporting Mobile System (FORMS)
  • Mobile App for monitoring & reporting of various Forest offences in the State.
  • Two way communication with common citizens.
  • Real-time action and reporting through SMS.
  • All field reports are automatically time stamped
  • A photo images of the spot adds much value to the reported facts.
  • Legal evidence with Geo Co-ordinates
Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP)

  • Mobile App for monitoring of Trainings, Sharing of Articles/ Posts to Common Citizens and HPFD Staff.
  • Helpful to connect the common citizens with Forests
  • Helpful to monitor and manage all the trainings being conducted in the State by HPFD
  • Real-time monitoring & Reporting
  • A photo image of the spot adds much value to the reported facts.
Plantation Campaign Monitoring System (PCMS) – Ver  2.0

  • PCMS mobile app has been designed to monitor the Plantation activities been carried out during  Monsoon/ Winter Season  through Campaign Mode
  • In PCMS Ver. 2.0 Following  features has been added:
    • Uploading of Plantation Images
    • Geo Tagging of Plantation Site
    • People Participation
New Official website of HP Forest Department


  • Provide a platform for interaction and information sharing.
  • Promote high quality intellectual, ethical and professional standards.
  • Increase the use of HPFD theory and practices.
  • Promote the development and adoption of HPFD approaches and methods.
  • Bringing about better levels of internal efficiencies and effectiveness in the working of the department, including the ability to take decisions in a multi-dimensional environment.
  • Extending better citizen centric services to the customer.
  • Making appropriate and effective use of ICT to take well-informed forest management decisions
Forest Record Management System

  • Web based application for Record management of all Assembly data of HP Forest Department.
  • Digitizing the Assembly based data of text, PDF into digital form.
  • Accessibility through web from anywhere anytime provided internet connectivity is there.
  • Previous years’ replies of the Assembly questions may be checked by using search tab.
  • All the departmental Notifications, circulars and working plans will be published online  through this portal
Dedicated Website for Silviculture Felling Programme in HP

  • It is highly important to promote its activities through the online environment and to have a consistence web-presence.
  •  Silviculture means (practice of controlling the growth, composition, health, and quality of forests). Therefore, monitoring committee has taken out silviculture from books and codes to the field through implementation of required interventions on   ground.
  • The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has allowed Himachal Pradesh Forest Department to carry out Silviculture felling in the state and the reports to publish online in the web portal.
  • HP Forest Department has designed the websites for Supreme Court Monitoring Committee for publish silviculture felling reports online


Geographical information System (GIS)

GIS based analysis: States are encouraged to collect their data sets and undertake their own GIS analysis on the lines indicated above to choose landscapes, sub-landscapes and operational units. Assistance of FSI Dehradun, NRSA, State Remote Sensing Application Centre and academic institutions, NGOs etc with GIS capabilities may be taken desired.

Manual GIS analysis: An alternate option is to get hard copy printouts of a few key layers, and along with existing maps and data, use transparency sheets (or acetate sheets) to overlay key parameters in a form of manual GIS and choose the landscapes for early implementation.

Role of expert opinion: Either analysis should be supplemented by expert opinion from within and outside the Forest Department.

In Himachal Pradesh, the Green India Mission scheme has been launched, preparatory, in 4 forest territorial circles such as Bilaspur [Nalagarh], Mandi [Mandi], Dharamshala [Dharamshala] and Hamirpur [Una].

Funding: During the financial year 2011-12, the NAEB has released funds to the tune of Rs. 126.50 lakhs for carrying out preparatory activities against which Rs. 125.59 lakhs have been incurred upto 31.03.2013.

A proposal for Rs. 15.00 crores for the year 2013-14 has been sent to NAEB for approval.

Maps of Area of Operation of EAPs in HP

HP Forest Toll Free No.1800-180-8097 activated in GIS Lab for taking information about Forest Fires?