February 2017
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GIS and manual GIS options for aggregation

GIS based analysis: States are encouraged to collect their data sets and undertake their own GIS analysis on the lines indicated above to choose landscapes, sub-landscapes and operational units. Assistance of FSI Dehradun, NRSA, State Remote Sensing Application Centre and academic institutions, NGOs etc with GIS capabilities may be taken desired.


Manual GIS analysis: An alternate option is to get hard copy printouts of a few key layers, and along with existing maps and data, use transparency sheets (or acetate sheets) to overlay key parameters in a form of manual GIS and choose the landscapes for early implementation.


Role of expert opinion: Either analysis should be supplemented by expert opinion from within and outside the Forest Department.


In Himachal Pradesh, the Green India Mission scheme has been launched, preparatory, in 4 forest territorial circles such as Bilaspur [Nalagarh], Mandi [Mandi], Dharamshala [Dharamshala] and Hamirpur [Una].



During the financial year 2011-12, the NAEB has released funds to the tune of Rs. 126.50 lakhs for carrying out preparatory activities against which Rs. 125.59 lakhs have been incurred upto 31.03.2013.


A proposal for Rs. 15.00 crores for the year 2013-14 has been sent to NAEB for approval. 

Status of Digitization of Administrative Boundaries (up to beat level) of Territorial Divisions in H.P

Status of Digitization of Administrative Boundaries (up to beat level) of Protected Areas in H.P